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We are a specialist in the supply of non-threaded fastening systems. Historically, the industry has had our knowledge and extensive experience in the development of engineering products and solutions.

Our products are highly reliable even though they are often used in very critical applications, where they are subjected to high stresses over many years. This is a reflection of the use of products manufactured under strict quality controls, with the best manufacturing equipment, using precisely selected materials, with advanced engineering techniques and by teams of highly qualified employees at all ends.

The rings of the already established AneLast ® and AneJust ® lines, represented by Seeger ® rings, have been widely used successfully around the world, in all industry segments, for more than a century.

With a later launch, the AneLox ® ring line is complementary to the AneLast ® line, but it can be interchangeable when the grooves already specified or even existing follow public standards, such as DIN 471, DIN 472, DIN 983, DIN 984 among others . They are also manufactured with austenitic stainless material, applicable in more corrosive environments.

Disc springs from the MolPrat ® line are traditional and innovative products. They occupy minimal space when compared to helical springs with equivalent loads.

The pins in the PinLast ® line are made up of traditional elastic slotted pins and innovative and efficient spiral pins.

For all these lines, we also develop separate technical solutions that can be achieved in individual cases for special requirements of each application. Our engineering consultancy service is at your disposal to define specific design and quality characteristics, taking into account your individual assembly and tolerance situations.

Last but not least, we have surgical logistics, which combines the most advanced tools to delivery the products to the point of use in the fastest, most balanced and safest way. This allows for greater security, better pace of production lines and lower inventory and administration costs for our customers.

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