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KS - ANELBRAS® Reinforced Circular Self-Locking Ring for shaft

Reference code: KS2 - KS10
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ANELBRAS® KS rings resemble a reinforced heavy-duty version of the Anelbras circular self-locking ring for shafts, ZA-rings.


They are capable of transmitting much higher axial forces. Permissible shaft diameter tolerances are less, which contributes to a greater fixation result.

This result of resistance to axial forces depends on the hardness of the shaft surface, inversely proportional, as well as its roughness, in this case directly proportional. The data table illustrates this value (H) for specific surfaces.


  • Securing switches and indicating lamps;
  • Office machines, domestic appliances, in the optics and electrical industries;
  • Securing wheels, pulleys nad handles;
  • Valves.

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